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Property Management

We take care of all aspects of client and tenant satisfaction.

Thur Retail is responsible for working directly with the client to ensure a thorough understanding of its investment objectives and the development of acceptable property-specific strategic plans of an operating and capital budget.

Essential tasks of our property manager: 

The commercial Property Manager always acts in the best interests of the client/owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants while timely collecting rents and keeping expenses within budget, planning for improvements and maintaining required records and logs, all in a manner which maximizes the property’s return on investment.


The property manager’s main responsibilities are to maintain the property in good, clean, and well-maintained condition ensuring everything meets or exceeds safety standards.

- Weekly property visits to each center on a schedule approved by the owner.

- The property manager will inspect buildings, common areas, and landscaping with Maintenance Supervisor (if available) to identify and authorize repairs and/or replacements up to limits set by the owner.

- Maintain building systems by contracting for maintenance services and supervising repairs.

- Oversee and maintain electrical/mechanical, sprinkler, roofing and HVAC systems, parking lot, preventative maintenance programs and sustainability.

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